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We are Lentil as Anything.

We are not-for-profit vegan restaurants where guests contribute what they feel their meal and experience is worth, according to their own financial ability.

The Lentil as Anything mission is to provide food without borders, without borders of race or socioeconomic status. Lentil As Anything also works to remove the borders in society through providing volunteer training and employment opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds including those who have been marginalised.

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End of Financial Year 2017

It’s nearly EOFY and we know all you lovely people are looking for ways to reduce your tax at this time of year. What better way to do it then by supporting your fave tax deductible community initiative!?! That’s us!   Who is Lentil as Anything? As you probably know, Lentil as …

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Revitalise Abbotsford Kitchen

An image of the busy interior of the Abbotsford Lentil As Anything restaurant

We’re cooking up something new in the Abbotsford kitchen – and we need your help! Here at Abbotsford, we are grateful to our hardworking chefs, whose tireless efforts behind the scenes are the backbone of this organisation. As we say about our kitchen, “It’s where the magic happens”. After 11 …

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Sensitive Souls

a person meditating with their hands on their knees

Have you ever been told the following? You are too Sensitive! You’re SO deep! You FEEL too much! Perhaps you’ve always FELT more than others, SEEN more than others, SENSED more than others? Perhaps all of these sensations, thoughts, emotions, energy, coming from all directions, have been felt so deeply, …

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Lentil Bar

Good Lentilians of Thornbury! We have been working behind-the-scenes to..

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Thanks to Nicole

Many thanks to the amazing Nicole for contributing her skills to Lentil as Anything. Nicole is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Melbourne. Originally from Sydney, she made the move to gain new creative experiences. With strengths in print, she is forever wanting to grow and learn new skills. …

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Nurture As Anything

a woman outdoors performing a yoga pose

Written by Frances’ Pearls of Confusion ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind’. Sound familiar to anyone? Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist etc., we have all heard, at one time …

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