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Abbotsford Lentil are going Vegan..

Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford are going Vegan on the first Saturday of each month in support of the Vegan Market at the convent.

Our chefs and staff are very excited to expand our current vegan options to a full vegan menu.
Initially on the first Saturday of each month, and a potential move to full-time vegan menu, we will listen to what our customers say.

Have your say in our poll below, and feel free to comment at the bottom of page.

See you on Saturday for some vegan deliciousness!!


Would you like to see Lentil as Anything Abbotsford go fully vegan?


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  1. Abbotsford Lentil should absolutely go full-time Vegan! No reason why it shouldn’t.

    • Why? Why should Vegetarians have to suffer for your appetite? If Lentil As Anything went vegan….I would buy heaps of dairy products and place them outside Lentil to show my anger. If they waste it…..its your fault.

      Lentil As Anything should promote equality for everything. Its a vegetarian restaurant but they should treat vegetarians and vegans fairly.

      Why not just have half vegan half vegetarian every nightly. Soooo simple.

      • Veganism is inclusive, not exclusive. Everyone (including vegetarians omg) can eat vegan food. No one is suffering because of this long overdue decision, quite the opposite in fact. Well done Lentils for choosing to be cruelty free.

  2. Yes because vegos can eat vegan food too! 😀 no reason not to!
    Love you guys!

  3. Sarah McConnell

    The vegan stuff is just as good as the vego stuff. It’s time.

  4. Vegan all the time, please. That’s what I love about the Lentils in Thornbury, that I can choose anything from their menu.
    It’s always frustrating when I go to the Abbotsford Lentils and some dishes aren’t vegan 🙁

  5. Please don’t! There are a lot of people that are also part of the community that appreciate cow’s milk, cheese, eggs and honey. There are always vegan options on the menu for everything and there is no reason to eliminate the rest of the community. Please don’t get fully vegan, we love it as it is.

    • Guess what? Absolutely everyone can eat vegan food so this doesn’t eliminate anyone at all.

      You know who else appreciates cows milk? The baby calves that are stolen from their mothers after birth so that selfish humans can drink their Mothers milk.

      Would you drink the breast milk from a human? You probably think that idea is weird, right?

      Of course it’s weird, because you are a grown adult and not a baby who requires his mother’s milk for nutrients. So if it’s weird to drink your own species milk, why do you think it’s normal to drink the breast milk from a cow?

      It’s time you wean yourself off the cow titty juice Shane.

    • Shane – you need to see where your dairy, eggs and honey come from and the life the animal had before you consumed.

    • There’s no question about it. The dairy industry is horrific and Lentils should stop supporting the suffering and exploitation of animals, it’s completely against your philosophy.
      It’s entirely unnecessary when we can have nutritious, delicious food without these products.

    • Support equality for Men and Women? Support same sex? Support Australians and Non Australians (refugees). This will be the first of many mistakes where you only feed Vegans and not Vegetarians.

      Lentil as Anything started from a Religious Hindu. Cow is Sacred and so is the Butter that Krishna loved to eat. Such an insult to force Lentil as Anything to go vegan.

    • Shane, there’s not ‘always’ a vegan option. Sure there’s options for some dishes, but not all dishes have the option.
      I agree with your position, but I’d actually like to see them go fully vegan, merely to test it.. see how many customers they do lose, and/or gain from it.
      I’ve spoken to a couple of customers, and they said they would end up staying simply because they have friends there and they’ve been coming for so long.
      That said, the change could potentially alienate many customers who would fail to return even if they switched back after trial running it.

      As it stands the menu is already mostly vegan, many people would not notice. This however also issues a problem, as I was made aware of during a vegan market day when a customer ordered the muesli, unknowingly getting the cashew cream, to which they were allergic to.
      They needed a sign for the day.
      Lentil would need to clearly advertise all the time as a vegan restaurant; I’m unaware of the vegan community size in Melbourne, thusly I cannot speculate on how well they would in fact do.

  6. If you are not vegan you are supporting the dairy industry. The cruelty involved with dairy production is heart breaking. Calfs with plastic tags on their noses so they can’t drink their mothers milk, male calfs sent straight to the slaughter house because they are of no use for milk production, cows constantly pregnant until they are so sick and fatigued they either collapse or are slaughtered. 100% Vegan is a No Brainer if you want a kinder world for ALL animals, including us Homo Sapien Apes. Not to mention honey – give the bees a break – we Apes and all our fellow earth dwellers depend on these beautiful insects to pollinate plants and the palnets eco healthy. Vegan !

  7. I don’t know why my reply to Shane wasn’t approved.

    You absolutely should go vegan, everyone can eat vegan food and it does not ‘eliminate the rest of the community’. The only thing that is eliminated is the contribution to animal products, something that we have no need for.

    Cows milk is for baby cows, not for humans. People are slowly waking up to how bizzare and wrong it is to be drinking the breast milk of another species as adults, it would be amazing if lentils stepped up and became part of the inevitable change that needs to happen in this world.

    Please go full vegan, for the animals, for the environment, for health.

    • Sorry for the delay – we just changed staff over and there was a lapse in approving comments.

  8. Well, as the majority would like it to be Vegan including me then why no go mainly Vegan with a few Vegetarian options, this would seem the logical way to go.

    • Vegetarians can eat vegan food without issue. If you truly wish to be vegan, this decision is of benefit to you as it will make it easier for you to see that you are not missing out on anything.
      The greatest regret of most vegans who were vegetarians (including myself) is that we did not become vegan much sooner.

  9. I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end?
    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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  12. That’s the price you pay for having a restrictive lifestyle.

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  14. So how about Lentils St Kilda?

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