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We are Lentil as Anything.

We are not-for-profit vegan restaurants where guests contribute what they feel their meal and experience is worth, according to their own financial ability.

Lentil as Anything was established in 2000 and continues to support our community everyday by:

Caring for people: Providing a wholesome and nutritious meal where you can help pay for a less fortunate person's meal.

Promoting Multiculturalism: Fostering an environment of inclusion

Reforming Society: Acting on the structures of society to restore justice.

Spreading our core values: Training volunteers to help them find paid work in the future, working with the long-term unemployed and giving a new start to migrants and refugees.

Encouraging: Young people to be active citizens and get involved in community based initiatives

Recent News

Handmade: Stories of Strength Shared through Recipes

HANDMADE is a book of recipes collected from 34 widows of the war in Sri Lanka. The women featured are from the North East of the island and throughout the book their incredible stories of courage are shared through their relationship with food. Stunning photography is combined with the recipes …

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Lentil Uber Eats!

Now you don’t even have to get to the restaurant to get your Lentil Fix! We’ve joined UberEATS and now you can eat delicious VEGAN food without leaving your house (but maybe you should occasionally leave your house sometimes for sunshine – you know?) Go to UberEATS to find one …

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Lentil With a Side of Poetry

Open Mic Poetry and Spoken Word is back for April!! At Lentil as Anything Abbotsford we host an open mic once a month where everyone is welcome to share poetry, spoken word, stories, writing or even just things you need to get off your chest and speak out loud to …

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The Gramophone DJ Man at Abbotsford Lentil

This Sunday night we welcome The Gramophone DJ Man who will spin us back in time with classic original shellac 78 rpm records from the 1920s and 30s Come on down for your fix of super retro pop, American jazz and global cabaret records from France, Germany, Hungary , Greece …

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Sri Lankan Night – Papare band and a specialty menu

Join us for a slice of Sri Lankan Culture at Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford.   On Sunday February 18th we are bringing a specialty menu of epic proportions and some party fun time Sri Lankan Style! There will be specialties at our Chai Cart as well as coming out of …

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ColourBlind/The Melanin Monologues Booklaunch & Birthday Bash!

We are excited to be hosting a book launch of two amazing works. ColourBlind by Sharifa A Tartoussi, explores the struggles of a muslim woman living in the west. The Melanin Monologues by Charlotte Laurasia Raymond, written from the perspective of a queer woman of colour in modern day Australia. …

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Humans of Lentil – Isaac

“It was through Lentils that I gained family, community, enough experience to get my first jobs in hospitality, so in a way Lentils saved my life.” “My first move out from home was into crisis housing accommodation with the Gender Centre. I was just starting my transition from being perceived …

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