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Regular Yoga Classes (Newtown)

We’d love for you to join us for our by donation Yoga classes.

Get it on the fun but don’t forget to BYOM, that’s short for Bring Your Own Mat!

Where: Lentil as Anything, Newtown

When: Every Tuesday from 6pm – 7pm, Every Saturday from 8:30 – 10:30am

We’ve got some amazing teachers all with unique style and a lovely gift worth sharing. Have a read for inspiration!


ShivaniMy Yoga journey started straight after high school.I was searching for a way to stay healthy without having to go to a gym and came across a yoga studio and before I knew it fell in love with the practice. Over the years I’ve found my practice evolving with and love this exploration through the different layers of the body as we move through a movement meditation. My journey through yoga has taught me and is continual tea on a physical, mental and philosophical level.

Yoga is for everyone, and I believe that within the physical practice we can all find our edge while exploring the mind and body connection.




Yo yo yo Jesse

I started practising yoga at 13 years old. I was anxious, angry and depressed. Yoga has helped me through the darkest periods of my life. Now my daily practice helps me to stay grounded and present, allowing me to fully engage in the good times of life and the tough.

Four years ago my teacher training opened new doors for me. I grew in my understanding of the practice and in my confidence as a yogi. I now teach a mongrel hybrid from many yogic traditions that resonate with me, with a focus on incorporating yoga into our everyday lives. Using each class as an opportunity to set positive intention and share our humanity. I believe yoga can be for everyone and I teach it for all. My classes are fun, flowing and creative.



I came to yoga a few years ago, in an extremely busy time of my life. I had just moved to Australia, and was working for an international corporate. I didn’t manage to properly unwind after work, so I took my first yoga class in a very small studio in Sydney, and fell head over heels for the practice. I remember crying in my first pigeon pose ever, because my hips would hurt so much. I remember sitting down when everyone else was going upside down, just because my mind wouldn’t allow me to do an inversion. I remember peeking at the clock in meditation, only to notice in disbelieve that not even four minutes had passed. I have come into thousands of pigeon poses since then, love standing on my head, and manage to silence my thoughts for a decent amount of time. Yoga has changed my life on a physical and emotional level, and because I wanted to share the gifts of Yoga with others, I did my RYT 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in 2016. I teach playful, fun Vinyasa classes, and love to see the students smile in challenging poses (and of course in Savasana).



Jane completed her 300hour Jivamukti yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in June 2015. She started practicing the Jivamukti method in 2014 and noticed the change in her life as she began to commit to regular practice and started to focus on aiming to lead a more compassionate lifestyle. In her own practice Jane attends a mixture of open and basic classes to deepen her knowledge of safe alignment within the Jivamukti method. Jane’s classes bring a spiritual teaching, a focus on breathing and an, at times, challenging physical practice with variations given to suit different levels. Music accompanies the class with physical assists given throughout as well as a meditation practice. Jane is very grateful for all her teachers and welcomes students of all backgrounds and experiences. She hopes that you are able to take away something from the class out into your life.



At 17 years old I was told that due to my scoliosis I would need a hip replacement by the time I was 25. I reluctantly began yoga in search of an alternative. Ten years later I not only still have my original hips but I have come to understand, read and heal my own body in a holistic way due to my Yoga practice. I began yoga with the aspiration to transform myself on a physical level however I gained so much more than I could have ever anticipated. The asanas are a vehicle from the physical into the deepest layers of self – to the Atman, to union. Through a practice that prioritises correct alignment, observation and self-acceptance I aspire to empower my students to get reacquainted with the body they live in in order to heal and gain access the layers beyond. I truly believe we change the world starting from within, yoga has been that gateway for me and I want to give others the key. Nara is a 500hour Yoga Alliance Certified instructor having studied with Byron Yoga Centre in Australia (Purna & Vinyasa style) and with Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India (Hatha & Ashtanga). Nara frequently returns to India to expand upon her studies and deepen her personal practice.



I was introduced to yoga through my studies of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, a sacred and mystical kundalini yoga, learning pranayama, meditation and some asana. I later began a physical practice by attending Jivamukti classes. I’m now 200+hr certified in Vinyasa in the Krishnamacharya lineage and I use every class as an opportunity to acquaint people with the healing power of yoga, through a holistic approach of the eight limbs of Patanjali’s yoga sutras, exploring a theme of spiritual focus and then setting physical challenges that are rewarding and engaging. I lead classes with great respect and reverence while maintaining a fun, relaxed environment, just because it’s so powerful doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it!

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