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What’s your contribution?

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Contribute to Lentil

Lentil as Anything operates based on trust and generosity of the patrons, you in other words. We won’t be here without your generosity towards Lentil as Anything. There are plenty of ways you can contribute if you are happy with our service, benefited from our organisation or just want to help us out. You can donate money, food or service, contribute using our money boxes in our restaurants, volunteer and you can also like and share our Facebook page.

*Lentil as Anything has Deductible Gift Recipient status, all donation over $2 are tax deductible. For more information please ask our staff or contact us here .


Organise a Fundraiser

Lentil as Anything relies on the good will and support of our community to continue to prosper. One way of supporting us is by running a fundraiser.

If you are interested, please contact us at info@lentilasanything.com with your fundraising idea so that we can give you our official go ahead and support you with our marketing and social media network.

Please note that the use of the Lentil as Anything Inc. name or logo is strictly controlled by Australian and International laws and fundraising organisers are not permitted to use these on any communications or material produced for their fundraiser unless previously agreed by Lentil as Anything in writing.


Art in Lentils

Lentils As Anything has 3 art exhibition spaces at our Abbotsford, Thornbury and Preston restaurants. The purpose of our exhibition space is to be an open platform for all artists of all skill level and styles to showcase their work without paying large hire fees or commissions. We also see it as another way for people to contribute to lentils. As well as having exhibitions, Lentils is always looking for artists for group exhibitions and other projects that artists can participate in. If interested in exhibiting at Lentils you can contact our Arts Team at art@lentilasanything.com with some examples of your work and an art statement talking about your art .


Do an Internship


Lentil as Anything internships are available to students and individuals who want to gain hospitality experience in our unique community based organisation.

Our internship programs vary from 3 months – 6 months. 

During your internship you will spend time with our experienced trainers, chefs, staff and customers who will give you an unprecedented experience in Melbourne’s multicultural melting pot. Lentil as Anything patrons and staff come from all around the world which provides a diverse cultural experience that will enrich your way of thinking.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at volunteers@lentilasanything.com

Lentil as Anything is also open to proposals from those who would like to intern in other areas of our organisation consistent with our broader objectives of community building and awareness raising.

Lentil as Anything offers unpaid internships to current students and recent graduates interested in learning the inner workings of a nonprofit organisation.

Interns are supervised, receive weekly feedback and gain hands-on experience in their area of interest.

Visit here for more details


We see music as a beautiful form of self-expression and a tool that brings joy and connection to all. If you’d like to come and share your musical talents with a beautiful community and contribute to this philosophy and the betterment of humanity, please email us at music@lentilasanything.com for more information on busking here. Be sure to add to the subject line, which venue you would like to play at.

OPEN MIC NIGHT – SHARE YOUR TALENTS WITH THE COMMUNITY – every Wednesday at Lentils, Abbotsford

No need to sign up, just come along for dinner and let the host know that you’d like to perform

Looking forward to seeing you on stage!



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