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Food Without Borders

Roughly one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted.

For fresh fruits and vegetables, this can go as high as 45%!

700,000 tonnes of edible food ends up in landfill in Victoria alone.

A good deal of this is surplus food disposed of, because it’s unable to be sold or food which isn’t presentable for large chain supermarkets.

Food Without Borders aims to rescue this wasted food for use in Lentil As Anything’s kitchens, by liasing directly with producers and sellers of fresh food to ensure that as much of their food waste is rescued.


The Goals of Food Without Borders

1. Reduce Food waste in Australia

2. Feeding those in need, by preparing meals from the rescued food and serving in our restaurants.

3. Educating and raising awareness about food waste, food rescue, food security and sustainability.


How can you help?

As well as using rescued food in Lentil As Anything’s kitchens, Food Without Borders believes that the amount of food wasted is enough to start our own Pay-As-You-Feel supermarket.

We would like to turn this waste into accessible, fresh food for everyone to enjoy.


If you believe that you can help us in any of our endeavours, please contact us on or (03) 8456 8865


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