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What do we do?

Lentil’s main function is to make food available to the community with no barriers. The anonymous donation left in our boxes, and donations through our website is a commentary on the generosity of the community. We value equality. When we can engage with everyone on the same level, we can truly appreciate our differences and uniqueness.

The team at Lentil consists of a core staff, experienced in hospitality, generously giving their time. Your contributions and these individuals make possible an unprecedented movement through food, workplace inclusion and training bound together by trust.

How do we use the money?

The money donated to Lentil funds our restaurants that make available several thousand meals per day. We are faced with the same overheads as a normal restaurant yet many of our patrons are unable to afford even the most minimal donation.

Every donation no matter how small has a massive impact on our ability to provide an excellent experience for our patrons and volunteers.

What do we provide to the community besides food?

  • Create cultural opportunities for those who are looking to establish themselves in our community.
  • Employment placement for people unable to get a foot in the door of workplace culture.
  • Councelling services for people from traumatized backgrounds and those in situation of social hardship.
  • An opportunity to interface with a broad cross section of society.
  • Barista training.
  • Chef Training.
  • Travel opportunities to country victoria to connect with the rural population through the Tree Planting Weekends with Wimmera Catchment Authority.
  • Visa Sponsorship.
  • A platform for emerging writers through our partnership with Ilura Press.

Would like to post donations? Great, our address is Lentil As Anything, Convent Annex, Abbotsford Convent, 1-3 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford 3067

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