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The Psychedelic Wasteland

We are so happy to present Sam’s beautiful artwork – now on display at Thorncote Lentils.

The Psychedelic Wasteland consists of 3 triptychs, The Desert of the Mind, The Jungle of the Heart, and The Ocean of the Soul. Each mini series is an exploration of my life, delving into the many facets of my being. The ‘Desert of the Mind’ series explores the strange and otherworldly, desert like mind-scape. Reflecting on many of my personal struggles and journeys dealing with human psychology and mental health. The ‘Jungle of the Heart’ series, delves into the mysterious depths of the heart, loving others, and most importantly, learning to love yourself. The ‘Ocean of the Soul’ series explores the parallels and overlaps between a vast, deep ocean, and the cosmic infinity of the soul. Ultimately baffling and mystical. All pieces done using ink, then scanned into Photoshop for coloring.


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