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Footscray Lentils Fundraising Gig

Give back Night


After some turbulence, a close call and some soul searching, Footscray Lentils is still open and serving it’s unique brand of delicious vegan food, taking influences from a variety of culinary traditions from around the world!

But our situation is still a tricky one; while the pay-as-you-feel concept is really quite a beautiful one, allowing those less fortunate to enjoy a warm meal in good company for a small contribution, it does require others who are perhaps more fortunate to contribute just a bit extra to cover the costs. As you’ve probably heard mentioned a bunch of times now (I know we’re getting repeatative :P) we’ve been struggling down at ol’ Footscray so we need just a little bit more help to get over the financial hurdles presented over the past few months.

Luckily we exist in a community that is laden with wonderful artists who share our belief in the good Lentils has to offer – and so we have pulled together this event. Acts kindly contributing their art are:

Erik Parker –

The Fire Cats:

Vass –

Alif Thomas Dodds

While there will be no entry fee with all food and drinks provided under the ‘pay-as-you-feel’ philosophy, we do ask you to remember that this is a fundraiser that hopes to demonstrate that Footscray is capable of paying its debts and has the community support it needs to keep its doors open!

Stay tuned for a different flavoured event in early May which will feature a buffet of electronic music – and a buffet of food of course!

For those of you unable to make it but still wanting to contribute, here is a link for our gofundme:

We look forward to seeing you there for some chilled afternoon vibes, warm chai and delicious food 🙂

– The Lentils Footscray Team

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