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Why not reserve a table and be seated straight away.

Join us for a great evening or afternoon with a delicious meal, live music and friendly Lentil as Anything vibe. Reserved but never shy, your table is the meeting place for hundreds in the community who join us to eat and share in the Lentil experience every day.

For bookings, please use the form below. We look forward to seeing you at the table.

*Due to the high demand for seats, our busier restaurants may ask for a booking fee in advance. Please note – bookings are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.

  • Abbotsford 
  • Thornbury 
  • Newtown 
  • Footscray 
  • St. Kilda 

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Newtown Booking



Footscray Booking



St Kilda does not take bookings. Just drop on by.